Real Estate Quick-Fire Round | Selling Your House with Children

In this episode of KT Confidential, we answer questions about real estate in another quick-fire round.

1) What are the typical closing costs when buying or selling a property?
2) What are the first steps to take when preparing to sell your house?
3) Spring home maintenance tips
4) Is it worth finishing my basement before selling?
5) When is a good time to buy a home?
6) Selling a house with children
7) Are there any energy efficiency incentives for home upgrades right now?
8) Should I use a mortgage broker or stick with a big bank
9) How much can I expect to spend to landscape my backyard?
10) Where is the best place in the house to spend money for the greatest ROI
11) Where is the best location to buy an investment property?
12) Widening my single car driveway to accommodate two cars side-by-side
13) Understanding value (sentimental value vs market value)
14) Dealing with cracks in your foundation

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