Protect Yourself from Contractor SCAMS!

Welcome to today’s video, where Adrian Trott and Ariel Kormendy provide you with critical advice on how to protect yourself from unscrupulous contractors. Whether you’re planning a minor remodel or a major construction project, this video is your ultimate guide to navigating the contractor landscape confidently and securely. By the end of our video, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to make informed decisions, effectively communicate with your contractor, and take proactive steps to protect your investment. Say goodbye to the fear of being cheated and hello to a successful, stress-free renovation project.


0:17 – Intro
1:23 – Elderlies do not want to downsize
5:38 – Do not pay full upfront
7:48 – Vet your contractors and get quotes
8:44 – Do not fully rely on recommendations
17:19 – Find people who have used that contractor
18:48 – Read reviews on Google
19:13 – Be mindful of “celebrity-qualified” contractor names
21:19 – You get what you pay for
25:56 – Real estate agents are a great source for referrals
26:44 – Outro/recap


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