Preparing Your Home for Winter | KT Confidential E95

On today’s podcast, episode #95, Adrian and Ariel cover the home improvements every home owner should be thinking about doing just before the cold weather arrives.

Can you believe we are in September already? The cold weather is on its way and there are so many things to consider when it comes to home ownership and the winter season. Whether it is a fresh coat of paint to make your house sparkle, touching up your caulking to improve insulation, or organizing your garage for maximum efficiency, many of these tasks are best done when the weather is mild and before the cold arrives. Now is the time to finish any home improvements projects involving the exterior of your home that you want done before the spring of 2021.

If you are planning on selling your home this winter, these touch ups become ever more important as many cannot be done during the colder months, and if they can be done, the quality is not up to par when compared to doing them in a mild climate. But whether you are selling your home this season or not, these tips and tricks will help keep your property in great condition and help extend its life for years to come.

Servicing you HVAC before the rush, new KT swag, and prepping your home for a winter sale. All of that and more on today’s episode of KT Confidential – Real Estate Podcast.


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The founders, Ariel Kormendy and Adrian Trott, started The Kormendy Trott Team, a real estate team based out of Halton region in Ontario, after both being in need of a change from their successful careers in the automotive industry and both experiencing the lack of service being provided in the real estate industry. They kicked off their careers in 2011 and quickly became a top-performing team in the country, ranking 17th of approximately 200 for Century 21 in 2017; as a team of just the two of them compared to much larger teams. They decided that they needed to take their team from being real estate agents in Milton to the rest of the GTA and beyond by expanding and servicing more areas. The team has since grown to have an administrative arm, media department and successful sales team operating a smooth running and successful business. Follow them on social for behind the scenes info, real estate tips, industry secrets and more.

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