Picky Landlords and Soaring Rental Prices

The current rental market has seen a dramatic shift, and in this video, Ariel Kormendy and Adrian Trott bring you the latest updates on the rising trend of picky landlords and soaring rental prices. Gone are the days of casual tenant selection; landlords are now adopting a more meticulous approach. We delve into the factors contributing to this phenomenon, such as increased demand and the evolving priorities of property owners. Listen to Episode 245 now to learn more!


0:16 – Intro
5:58 – Landlords are now more picky when finding a tenant
6:43 – Investors are encouraged to get a variable rate for their mortgage
7:51 – How rent prices are going up
8:59 – Consider the tenant pool in the area you’re looking to buy
15:03 – Do not rush to choose a tenant
18:01 – Choose your tenant wisely
22:02 – Hire a knowledgeable real estate agent to represent you
24:34 – As a tenant, be prepared to provide the necessary information and documents
25:26 – Outro/recap


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