Parking Problems in the GTA | KT Confidential EP 143

On this podcast, episode 143, Adrian and Ariel talk about the parking problems that arise in the GTA. This topic came up due to a Tik Tok Adrian stitched about a resident who complained about his parking in his own residence

In this Tik Tok ((www.tiktok.com/@kormendytrott/vi…is_from_webapp=v1). ), the resident was furious because of the fact that he was not allowed to park on his own driveway. He got the ticket because the trunk of his car was hanging off of the driveway. He was upset at the fact that there were other units in his neighborhood who had the exact same house builds, yet they have a longer driveway. He is looking to appeal this issue to the city of Brampton this month.

Adrian then stitched this Tik Tok and explained how that this parking issue is a very common complaint with residence. Builders are being pushed to build higher density, which means smaller lots with bigger houses. This means compromising on parking.

Because of this, there were many parking related issues that arise such as: How far do you have to be on the end of the driveway? Not being allowed to hang over the edge of the sidewalk, If you are a certain distance from an intersection, you can not be at a certain distance by the end of the driveway, which then restricts you from parking on your boulevard. The best course of action is to know the rules before you buy your house (We can gladly help you at the KT Team) because if you can’t park there it is not wise to purchase that property.

All of that and more on KT Confidential – Real Estate Podcast.


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