Ontario’s Bill 184 – Tenants VS Landlords? Ft. Heather Karloff | KT Confidential E91

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On today’s podcast, episode #91, Adrian is joined by one of our top agents, Heather Karloff, to discuss Ontario’s bill 184.

Bill 184 brings evictions back into the forefront of the rental market after months spent navigating the pandemic and trying to accommodate both tenants who have lost their income and cannot afford rent, and landlords who are struggling to collect rent and make mortgage payments. A main aspects of the bill involves repayment plans between tenants and landlords and the legal steps landlords can now take if agreements cannot be formed.

Every tenant and landlord relationship is unique. Some landlords would rather undercharge to keep a respectable and reliable tenant in their property, while others would rather avoid meeting any tenants and rent to the highest bidder exclusively. The most important aspect from both sides is being educated on what is expected of you and what your rights are in each situation. When there is a mutual understanding from both parties, that is when we see some of the best tenant/landlord relationships form.

The new reality that comes with bill 184, the pros and cons of finding good tenant vs finding the highest paying tenant, and the ever growing demand for rural properties as people continue to live out of the city. All of that and more on today’s episode of KT Confidential – Real Estate Podcast.


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