NEVER Rush to Sell Your Home | KT Confidential EP 140

On this podcast, episode 140, Adrian and Ariel explain why it is never a good idea to rush and sell your home. The reason for this is because taking the proper time and due diligence to make your house look presentable is ultimately better when selling.

Sellers have the misconception that their house will sell in no time due to Canada’s “hot” market. The house will ultimately sell but the three factors you need to consider are how long will the home be on the market, how long will this process be, and how enjoyable will the process be. Here at the Kormendy Trott team, we were able to simplify a streamlined process down to the tea.

In the past, when Ariel initially sold his home, the agent did not take the due diligence to receive the best offer. For example, the photos were from an amateur point and shoot, the house was not staged, and Ariel had to negotiate the offers himself on realtor.ca. This inspired Ariel to create the Kormendy Trott company to provide better services for homebuyers.

Our process is designed to maximize the homebuyer’s proceeds, sell the home in a reasonable/quick amount of time, and have a relatively painless process. We are not in this industry to receive a quick flip or fastest commission. Our motivation lies in serving our clients to the best of our abilities. This process may involve more work and more money, but it pays off in the long run.

All of that and more on KT Confidential – Real Estate Podcast.


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The founders, Ariel Kormendy and Adrian Trott, started The Kormendy Trott Team, a real estate team based out of Halton region in Ontario, after both being in need of a change from their successful careers in the automotive industry and both experiencing the lack of service being provided in the real estate industry. They kicked off their careers in 2011 and quickly became a top-performing team in the country, ranking 17th of approximately 200 for Century 21 in 2017; as a team of just the two of them compared to much larger teams. They decided that they needed to take their team from being real estate agents in Milton to the rest of the GTA and beyond by expanding and servicing more areas.

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