Mortgages and Finances: In-Depth Real Estate Discussions

In this special New Year’s episode, we’re thrilled to have mortgage expert Neil Drepaul join us. Neil provides valuable insights into the intricate world of mortgages when it comes to buying a house. Along with esteemed real estate agents Adrian Trott and Ariel Kormendy, they offer comprehensive expert tips and advice for a financially fruitful life and a successful homeownership journey. Start off 2024 on the right foot and watch Episode 268 of KT Confidential!

Visit Neil Drepaul’s website: cmsmortgages.ca
Listen to Neil Drepaul’s podcast: cmsmortgages.ca/podcast/


0:17 – Intro
1:08 – Neil’s background story
8:00 – Should you get into business with a family member?
14:11 – How debt affects your mortgage approval
14:56 – Mortgage vs rent expense
17:00 – Credit utilization
22:04 – A car loan is one of the biggest hindrances when applying for a mortgage
24:57 – Banks want your business
25:55 – A perspective from a mortgage broker
28:01 – Having a plan and budget to save up
30:28 – Using a credit card is advantageous
37:18 – New avenues of income
42:14 – Credit score and TDSR (Total Debt Service Ratio)
46:02 – Do lenders include your story in your loan application?
49:09 – A mortgage broker’s advice to first-time homebuyers
53:59 – How to prepare for a smoother buying experience
57:00 – Mortgage rates forecast (interest rates v.s. policy)
1:05:03 – Outro/recap


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