Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to LOOK OUT for!

Kitchen renovations can be a tough challenge, especially if you’re new to home remodelling or you’re someone who’s dealing with limited kitchen space. Today’s podcast provides very helpful tips and insights for finishing your kitchen renovation. Look out for these common mistakes to save yourself some headaches, and hear from Ariel and Adrian about their personal experience with kitchen renovation and what they wished they knew before starting. Learn more in Episode 215. Happy Boxing Day, everyone!


0:23 – Intro
2:48 – Hire the right people/company for your renovation
6:56 – Built-in wireless charger countertops
9:27 – Built-in lighting in your kitchen and cabinetries
12:47 – Customized kitchen storage
14:25 – Clear your countertops
15:40 – Install electrical relay cabinet
18:33 – Storage for your kitchen appliances
20:06 – Have a junk drawer
21:53 – Consider separating your sink from your kitchen island
22:45 – Bigger kitchen island v.s. dinettes
26:11 – Free up space for your stove
27:37 – Get kitchen ideas from tiny homes
28:43 – Outro/recap


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After successful careers in the automotive industry, entrepreneurs Ariel Kormendy and Adrian Trott decided to inject their passion for growing a brand and providing unrivalled service into the real estate industry. Kicking off their careers in 2011, they quickly became a top-performing team in Canada. Originally a team of two real estate agents in Milton, The KT Team quickly grew to a large team of exceptional REALTORS®, an administrative department and an in-house media department, taking their proven processes and unique services across most of the Golden Horseshoe. Follow them on social for behind-the-scenes footage, real estate tips, industry secrets and more.

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