How to Avoid Rental Scams

Far too many times, we’ve received calls from people who are left homeless after arriving at their new rental property the day they are supposed to get the keys only to find out that they’ve been duped. They gave thousands of dollars to a person who didn’t own the property and now they’re out of cash with nowhere to go.

This is one of many scams going on and it’s easily avoided. Ariel and Adrian discuss rental properties, being a landlord, being a tenant and how to avoid being the victim of real estate and rental fraud.


The Kormendy Trott Team was formed in 2011 by Ariel Kormendy and Adrian Trott. The two quickly became a top-performing team for Century 21 in Canada and since decided to shake up the real estate industry by expanding their services from selling and buying real estate in Milton, Ontario to building a successful sales team, media department and support staff to expand their services throughout the GTA and surrounding municipalities.

The duo also founded KTPM (KT Property Management) in 2019 to complement their real estate sales team by offering their real estate investor clients a seamless service from purchasing to managing their real estate portfolio.

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