GTA Condo Investors: Is Their Money “Going Down the Drain”?

Over the years, the real estate market in the Greater Toronto Area has been a hot topic, attracting numerous investors seeking to capitalize on its booming condo market. However, recent trends have revealed a startling truth – many Toronto condo investors face significant financial losses. Join Adrian Trott and Ariel Kormendy as they uncover the reasons behind this alarming phenomenon. We explore the factors that have contributed to the decline in condo investments, including oversupply, increasing competition, and changing market dynamics. Are you one of the affected investors or planning to purchase an investment property in the GTA? Is cash flow going to worsen? Watch today’s episode to find out!


0:18 – Intro
4:57 – More than half of GTA condo investors are losing money
5:34 – There is a risk in buying new-build houses/condos
9:47 – Getting into the market for the first time
14:47 – Now is a good time to consider investing in a property if you’ve been looking in the market
22:58 – Recap/outro


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