Calculating Square Footage When Selling Your Home

The square footage of a property is held on a pedestal among buyers, a pedestal that it often doesn’t deserve! The square footage is often wrong, includes areas it should not or could be extremely functional in one house and completely useless in another.

When shopping for a house, always take the square footage with a grain of salt.

When selling your house, do not include finished space below grade. Your fear of having a negative impact on your sale by listing the lower, ACCURATE, number is unfounded, whereas, listing a number that’s higher will leave prospective buyers disappointed when they arrive at the property.

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Ariel Kormendy and Adrian Trott are co-founders of The Kormendy Trott Team, an award-winning and top producing real estate team in the Halton and Peel Region, servicing the GTA. For more information about the team, visit their website or follow on social.


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