Do I Need a Permit to Finish my Basement? | KT CONFIDENTIAL EP208 | The Real Estate Podcast

In this episode, Ariel and Adrian discuss the importance of getting a building permit when renovating your basement, and some very helpful do’s and don’ts. Hear their thoughts on ceiling insulation, sub-flooring, storage, and more on this episode.


0:14 – Intro
1:35 – Should you get a permit to finish your basement?
7:06 – Basement bathrooms
8:48 – Future-proofing
11:00 – Sub-floor
12:11 – Don’t take shortcuts
12:32 – Hire a professional
15:11 – Ceiling insulation
19:25 – Counter space
21:25 – Get your storage space finished
22:35 – Integrate storage space
27:13 – Frost-free hose bib
28:08 – Outro


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After successful careers in the automotive industry, entrepreneurs Ariel Kormendy and Adrian Trott decided to inject their passion for
growing a brand and providing unrivalled service into the real estate industry. Kicking off their careers in 2011, they quickly became a
top-performing team in Canada. Originally a team of two real estate agents in Milton, The KT Team quickly grew to a large team of
exceptional REALTORS®, an administrative department and an in-house media department, taking their proven processes and unique
services across most of the Golden Horseshoe. Follow them on social for behind-the-scenes footage, real estate tips, industry
secrets and more.

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