Custom Closets with Shaun from Closet Envy in Burlington

Builder-closets are the most unfunctional, waste of space… period. Most are overflowing with clutter covering the floor and shelf, racks jam-packed and more. An overflowing closet tells prospective buyers that the house is lacking available storage space and it causes stress in your day-to-day living. The solution?? Custom closets! Today we chat with Shaun of Closet Envy in Burlington about how you can take a closet from an eye-sore to a feature you’re proud of.


The Kormendy Trott Team was founded in 2011 by Ariel Kormendy and Adrian Trott. After sub-par service they both received from ‘reputable’ Realtors, they saw an opportunity to disrupt the industry, and that they have. They quickly became a top performing team in the COUNTRY for Century 21 Canada, have expanded their business from selling real estate in Milton to now servicing all areas of the GTA, Hamilton, Kitchener/Waterloo, Guelph and more.

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