Cha-Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes Everywhere Ft. Nesting Story | KT Confidential E76

On today’s podcast, episode #76 featuring special guest Joanna Venditti from Nesting Story, we keep it casual and discuss the many changes that are taking place in our lives, and the lives of individuals all over the globe, as a result of the current times.

Changes can be as small as going for a walk in the morning, reading a book, cooking more, or just an additional bit of self care. They can be as big as prime time television show adopting an online format that was once seen as their biggest competitor, or a brick and mortar business flying by the seat of their pants as they move into the realm of online sales. The real estate estate market is seeing changes. John Krasinski, Jim from the office, is changing his approach to content creation with his new show Some Good News. Even Ariel has changed dramatically and has started playing video games, a change Adrian is very pleased with. It makes us wonder what will the new normal be after all the dust has settled.

Now is the time, more than ever, where if you can adapt to changes, you enjoy solving problems, and you find ease in adopting new routines, you can really shine. Joanna Venditti from Nesting Story is killing it on social media and has really been a great example of how to adapt to the changes that are currently taking place. It is for that reason, and many more, that we are extremely excited to have her on today’s edition of the quarantine podcast.

All of that and more on today’s episode of KT Confidential – Real Estate Podcast.


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The founders, Ariel Kormendy and Adrian Trott, started The Kormendy Trott Team, a real estate team based out of Halton region in Ontario, after both being in need of a change from their successful careers in the automotive industry and both experiencing the lack of service being provided in the real estate industry. They kicked off their careers in 2011 and quickly became a top-performing team in the country, ranking 17th of approximately 200 for Century 21 in 2017; as a team of just the two of them compared to much larger teams. They decided that they needed to take their team from being real estate agents in Milton to the rest of the GTA and beyond by expanding and servicing more areas. The team has since grown to have an administrative arm, media department and successful sales team operating a smooth running and successful business. Follow them on social for behind the scenes info, real estate tips, industry secrets and more.

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