Bidding Wars

During the crazy real estate market of 2017, multiple offers and “bidding wars” were the norms; after the subsequent market correction, it became a thing of the past until 2019.

We are now experiencing multiple offers on properties on a regular basis and it’s EXTREMELY important to know the ins and outs of bidding wars to increase your odds of winning, without going crazy on the purchase price.

Today we discuss how real estate deposits, closing dates and conditions may play a big roll in a seller’s decision of which offer to accept in a bidding war.

When preparing to buy a house, if you have a house to sell also, it’s EXTREMELY important to ensure that you’re ready to pull the trigger on the listing of your home so that whenever you find the right house, which may be sooner than you expect, you’re prepared to get your house on the market immediately.

Whether buying or selling real estate, understanding how to handle bidding wars is crucial to increasing your odds of success.




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