Standardizing Real Estate Listings

Including Square Footage

2 minute-read Some real estate agents are concerned the square footage will discourage people from visiting. Therefore they exclude it, allowing buyers to form their own perception of size.  The truth is that this usually backfires.

Buyer Loses $620,000 Over Cancelled Real Estate Deal

real estate deal gone bad

4 minute-read As with all investments, purchasing real estate comes with risk. It’s important to prepare and understand the risk.  Here’s an example of an extreme case that costs a buyer hundreds of thousands of dollars, along with my suggestions on minimizing the chance of falling into the same predicament. To paint a picture of this situation, […]

The Farce of “Sold Over Asking”

Real Estate Sold Over Asking

3 minute-read “SOLD OVER ASKING” … a sign that frequently brandishes recently sold real estate.  What does it mean?  The lawn to which the sign is attached sits a property that sold for more than the asking price.  What does this imply? The Real Estate Agent did a fantastic job selling real estate for TOP DOLLAR. Now […]