The Challenges of Finding a Rental

Can a Landlord refuse a tenant because they have a pet? Can they insist on a tenant paying additional months of rent in advance? Do I have to pay the pet security deposit? There are rules and then reality; here’s how to navigate the two.

Rental Market Declines and Landlords Struggle with Vacant Condos

Toronto Rental Market

It’s not often we witness a declining rental market, but here we are. And, despite popular belief, even the unstoppable Toronto real estate market is susceptible to downward pressure. COVID’s (indirectly) the Culprit of a Declining Rental Market How has COVID impacted the real estate market? As we predicted, COVID didn’t slow the market; in […]

How to Elevate Your Rental Listing Game

Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging A typical rental property on the MLS looks fantastic, right? The property is clean, nicely furnished, and decorated, the Real Estate Agent has taken professional photos, there’s a great description, it has been blasted to dozens of websites, has an excellent marketing campaign and it’s all backed up by a hard-working Realtor.  Realistically […]