Qualifying Tenants Successfully

Do you have a property you want to rent but are unsure about the tenant vetting process? Do your due diligence and vet prospective renters to make sure you’re not letting someone live on your property that will cause you headaches. As a landlord, you’re the one responsible for all of the bills. Vetting tenants […]

The Challenges of Finding a Rental

Can a Landlord refuse a tenant because they have a pet? Can they insist on a tenant paying additional months of rent in advance? Do I have to pay the pet security deposit? There are rules and then reality; here’s how to navigate the two.

Rental Market Declines and Landlords Struggle with Vacant Condos

Toronto Rental Market

It’s not often we witness a declining rental market, but here we are. And, despite popular belief, even the unstoppable Toronto real estate market is susceptible to downward pressure. COVID’s (indirectly) the Culprit of a Declining Rental Market How has COVID impacted the real estate market? As we predicted, COVID didn’t slow the market; in […]