Three Strange Things That Turned Our Buyers Off

Smells in your home

It’s not the highly upgraded homes that sell fastest and for the most money, it’s the meticulously maintained ones that do. One of our goals with every house that we list for sale is to get it in front of the largest audience possible.  This means that we’re connecting with all different types of people, […]

Can You Renovate a Heritage Home

Renovating a heritage home

Many people are hesitant, or completely against buying real estate if the property has a Heritage or similar type of designation.  The fear often becomes that they could never renovate the heritage home or do much in the way of renovating the property as well as the questionable longterm resale value –the opposite couldn’t be any truer. […]

Five Smells in Your House That Will Kill Your Sale and How to Fix Them

Smells in your home

I recently showed a house that had plug-in air fresheners in almost every room… it was unbearable.  My clients were so turned off that I felt obliged to write about how those air fresheners may have killed the home owner’s sale. When selling a house, you really need to appeal to all of the senses […]