Envy of Your Neighbours

First impressions are everything! The clocks have moved forward, the snow has melting, and the sun is shining – Today we’re reviewing episode 8 of #KTQuickTips to provide you with helpful real estate tips to get a jump start on your spring gardening to make sure that your lawn is the envy of your neighbours. […]

3 Things That You Didn’t Know Expire in Your Home

It’s that time again. Welcome back to the #KTQuickTips Blog with your favorite Milton Real Estate Agents, The Kormendy Trott Team. Did you know there are a bunch of things that expire around your house? Here are a few things that you probably didn’t know expire. SMOKE & CO DETECTORS Smoke detectors will expire every […]

May’s Monthly Checklist

Welcome back to the #KTQuickTips blog, where we share our tips and advice on maintaining, buying and selling real estate. Today we tackle May’s Monthly Checklist! Checkout the highlights below to help you prepare for the summer. DRIVEWAYS & WALKWAYS Make sure you inspect your driveways, walkways and patio areas to see if salt and […]