Interior Design Tips and Tricks to Outlast 2024

Sara Bergsma

Sara Bergsma

Sara Bergsma is the co-owner and in-house decorating expert at Bergsma’s Paint and Decor in Milton, Ontario, with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Specializing in projects that range from building homes from the ground up to helping clients struggling with picking a paint colour, Sara brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project. As a long-time resident of Milton, she is deeply committed to serving her community and providing top-notch design consultations and services.

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Just a Quick Intro….

My name is Sara Bergsma. I have lived in Milton with my husband of 30 years and three beautiful daughters. I have been in countless homes over the past 25 years, designing and decorating spaces for people, from simple tasks such as paint consultations to designing and building homes and everything in between. Your home is your personal space, so it’s important to make it yours. Yours will and should look different than everyone else’s.

Here are a few tips to remember when embarking on a fun project or change in your home!

Embrace Timeless Trends in Milton Real Estate

Trends are a biggie! It seems hard to escape the trends as they tend to flood the marketplace, telling you this is the IN thing to do. I tell my clients, “If a product stays in the marketplace for over 10 years, it has surpassed being a trend and usually becomes part of the classics.” When choosing hard surfaces such as flooring, tiles, and kitchens—these are the big-ticket items—so choose the classics.

Flooring Choices

Most natural wood tones will NEVER go out of style and create the foundation from which you can design.

Tile Selection for Lasting Appeal

Currently, colour and pattern are coming on strong. Ask yourself, can I live with these choices for 20-plus years? And yes, larger is better. Why? Because it’s less grout and will make even small spaces look larger.

Kitchen Design Tips from a Milton Interior Designer

Sara Bergsma, co-owner of Bergsma’s Paint and Decor and Milton Interior Design specialist, stands at the kitchen counter of her Milton, Ontario home.

For decades now, this space has been the hub of the home. Homeowners (and your friends) come into this space and rarely leave, so make it comfortable. A mixture of surfaces keeps this space from feeling cold. Painted cabinets will always be classic, mixed with wood tones, such as the island, range hood, or cafe bars. Countertops, backsplash, with layered lighting, fabrics, and really GOOD seating. Yes, a dining chair and/or counter stool will and should cost between $500-$1000 if you want them to last and your guests to be comfortable!

The Power of Paint from a Milton Furniture Store Expert

Lastly, let’s touch on paint. We started selling paint in 1985. Like most industries, a lot has changed. It’s no longer the price of an inexpensive toss cushion. There are many aids now on the market with test pints and VERY large paint chips for purchase to help with overall visuals for homeowners. Paint color can be fun, and it still remains the element of easiest change. My advice is to always choose it last. Color is infinite; your other choices are not when you begin designing rooms!

Self-Diagnosis of Colour Preferences for Your Milton Home

Do a little self-diagnosis of what you are drawn to. I can guarantee that there will be loads of choice within that color family, ranging from cooler tones to warmer tones to suit your taste. Don’t be afraid of color either. If you have gone safer on your hard surfaces, then have some fun on your walls. Just remember, in most rooms, it will be the most of what you see!


Incorporating timeless elements, considering functional and aesthetic upgrades, and leveraging the expertise of local professionals like those at a local furniture store or seeking advice on real estate and interior design can transform your space into a personal haven. Your home should reflect your unique style and stand the test of time.

Milton Interior Design expert Sara Bergsma was interrupted during our photo shoot by her fur babies in the living area of her Milton Home.

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