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Tell Us Your Origin Story

I was born into a Hindu family in India. In my working years, I became an IT professional and in the year 2000, I immigrated to Canada for a better life and career. My first job in Canada was in retail management; it was there that I discovered my love for customer service. That passion put me on a path to becoming a Real Estate Agent. And it was here that I gained immense pleasure from helping people with buying and selling real estate. I began to establish life-long relationships with clients, who often become great friends. I play an active role in the industry and my community; I keep on top of current market news and trends, I became the president of the Oakville, Milton and District Real Estate Board in 2022 and I love to give back to the community by volunteering.  I thrive on being a trusted local Realtor.

What’s your favourite food?

I’m a real foodie! I love spicy food; goat curry and goat biryani … yum!

Where would we find you on a hot summer’s day?

You’ll find me playing Tennis or Cricket in George Savage Park in North Oakville.

Where would we find you on a cold winter’s day?

I enjoy staying active, so when the weather hinders outdoor activities, you’ll find me playing squash at the River Oaks Community Centre.

Early bird or night owl?

Early riser but late sleeper.

What’s your favourite movie?

I’m a Bollywood movie freak.  Otherwise, I love watching murder mystery, fiction and action movies.

What does your forever home look like?

Honestly anywhere, as long as my family is there. But, in the ideal world, it would be a rural property with a creek running through.


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