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Tell Us Your Origin Story

Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, I moved to Toronto, Ontario, with my family at the age of five. We moved with hopes of reaching bigger dreams and opportunities in the City. My younger brother and I were raised in a tight-knit traditional Asian family. Respect and consideration for others were paramount, and education was a high priority. Swimming, math, French and piano lessons filled my spare time until my troublesome teenage years, which were a blur –and I’d prefer to keep it that way.

It wasn’t until I hit my college years where I started to learn the meaning of hard work and opportunity. Six years, two diplomas and one Law Society licence later, I began my career as a paralegal, which lasted thirteen years.

I want to think that my destiny took me on this path into Real Estate for a reason. I never pictured myself as a Salesperson and cringed at the thought of selling. But the more and more I dive deeper into my career as a real estate agent, the more I realize it is more about building relationships and helping people, which are two skills I excel in!

When I’m not knee-deep into work, you’ll find me spending most of my spare time with my beautiful family in Georgetown. My two energetic kids keep me on my toes. And, when they’re not, my equally enthusiastic personal trainer of a husband is sure to catch their fall. I’ve been blessed in every aspect of my life, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

What’s Your Favourite Food?

I absolutely love all foods but my absolute favourite HAS to be noodles. They can be cooked dry, with soup or even fried and they always taste great!

Where You’ll Find Me on a Hot Summer’s Day?

I’ll be outdoors with my family enjoying the beautiful weather by a pool, hiking in the forest or riding the latest and greatest roller coaster at Wonderland.

Where You’ll Find Me on a Cold Winter’s Day?

I will either be outside skating or inside under a cozy blanket watching Netflix.

Early Bird or Night Owl?

ABSOLUTELY night owl. My most productive time is in the late evening hours when my kiddos are sound asleep. But that also means I’m a grouchy mama when my cubs wake me up 🙂

Favourite Movie?

I actually really enjoy many movies (minus the scary ones) but, my all-time favourite movies are James Bond.

What Does Your Forever Home Look Like?

My forever home would have five bedrooms, with a bathroom for each. There would be a glamorous walk-in closet –large enough to fit all my clothes, dresses, shoes, purses and accessories. I’d want a chic office, a spacious Chef’s kitchen, and a three-car garage with a heated epoxy floor … is that too much to ask for?  Oh, and of course, a pool.


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