Five Easy Family Meals to Cope with Quarantine

Quick Family Meals

By: Heather Karloff
Real Estate Agent

A lot of us are working from home with our families, and we no longer have what can sometimes be long a commute into the office.  But somehow it doesn’t seem like we have more time to actually work.  Between responding to emails, work calls, taking care of the kids and cleaning the house (and yourself) meal prep is just as big of a chore has it always has been.

Below is a list of five different meals that my family typically has during the week.  They all require either zero to very little prep, so you’re free to do other quarantined activities.

President’s Choice World of Flavours Greek Chicken Souvlaki Lasagna – It’s creamy and super tasty.  My six-year-old loves it and all I have to do is pop it in the oven.  Steam some greens on the side.

Flatbread and Soup

Flatbread & Soup – For a super quick and light dinner, this is our go-to!

Slow-cooker Chilli – I make this the night before, it’s always thicker the next day.

Baking Sheet Chicken

Baking Sheet Chicken – I filet the chicken so it cooks quicker, add your favourite green veggie and some halved mini-red potatoes to the baking sheet and you’re all set.  Cooks in about 30 mins, and you only use one dish.

Turkey Burgers with M&M’s Classic Stuffed Potatoes – We often make these burgers ahead and freeze them.  The stuffed potatoes are a nice alternative to fries and just need to be popped in the oven.  Steam veg on the side and done.

These meals are meant to be quick, tasty, and help you spend more time doing something other than trying to figure out dinner.  And, of course, you’ll often find me enjoying a glass of wine with these meals. My go-to right now is the Smoking Loon Old Vine Zinfandel

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