Buy or Sell First?

2 minute-read To Buy or To Sell? That is the Question! Today, we are reviewing a question that we get quite often: “My husband and I are planning on buying a new home.  We are wondering if we should sell first or buy first?” This is a great question… What if they buy a home first, they […]

Traits of a Successful Real Estate Agent

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2 minute-read The Thrill of the Sale True Sales People get a natural high out of the sale.  Negotiating the best price and terms in an offer fuel them; it’s a key trait that separates professionals from amateurs.  We LOVE the definition of “Professional” below. It perfectly explains how a true professional is a bit of an […]

How We Turned an Offer of $150,000 Under Asking to $38,000 OVER

3 minute-read SOLD OVER ASKING… This is a common phrase you will read on flyers, online ads and social media posts but what does it REALLY mean?  Often times, it simply means a house was listed too low.  I remember a time I showed a house for sale in Milton to clients — a home in my […]