Spring Cleaning During Quarantine Using eBay

Spring Cleaning with Ebay

4 minute-read By: Ariel Kormendy | Co-Founder In our last few podcasts, and for several months, I’ve been talking a lot about saving money and earning more income. I’m sure you’ve sat back and had this conversation with yourself, or with your spouse. “We spend too much on…”. One thing we can learn from being in self-isolation […]

How Coronavirus (COVID-19) has Affected Real Estate

coronavirus and real estate

3 minute-read Written By: Adrian Trott, Co-Owner A question we receive daily from curious family, friends, followers and random strangers surround how the Coronavirus has or will impact the real estate market. For starters, it’s common knowledge that the economy has taken a big hit. As a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and plummeting oil prices, we’re […]

Three Strange Things That Turned Our Buyers Off

Smells in your home

2 minute-read It’s not the highly upgraded homes that sell fastest and for the most money, it’s the meticulously maintained ones that do. One of our goals with every house that we list for sale is to get it in front of the largest audience possible.¬† This means that we’re connecting with all different types of people, […]