Five Smells in Your House That Will Kill Your Sale and How to Fix Them

Smells in your home

3 minute-read I recently showed a house that had plug-in air fresheners in almost every room… it was unbearable.  My clients were so turned off that I felt obliged to write about how those air fresheners may have killed the home owner’s sale. When selling a house, you really need to appeal to all of the senses […]

It’s Time to Reduce Your Price

how to value real estate

3 minute-read Pricing your home accurately is one of the many critical components to a successful transaction when selling your house. Similarly, recognizing when it’s time to adjust the price is equally important. Selling your house, or even listing a property for rent, may put you on an emotional roller coaster. From the financial implications of not […]

Buy or Sell First?

2 minute-read To Buy or To Sell? That is the Question! Today, we are reviewing a question that we get quite often: “My husband and I are planning on buying a new home.  We are wondering if we should sell first or buy first?” This is a great question… What if they buy a home first, they […]