Buyer Loses $620,000 Over Cancelled Real Estate Deal

real estate deal gone bad

As with all investments, purchasing real estate comes with risk. It’s important to prepare and understand the risk.  Here’s an example of an extreme case that costs a buyer hundreds of thousands of dollars, along with my suggestions on minimizing the chance of falling into the same predicament. To paint a picture of this situation, […]

Cottage or Dream Home

cottage or dream home?

A common topic of conversation this year has been whether to invest in a cottage or upgrade to your dream home.  Because of the COVID pandemic, the frequency of this conversation increased ten-fold. Appropriately, I’m writing from the comfort of the deck at my family-cottage in Kearney, Ontario.  This cottage has been in my wife’s […]

How to Afford Your First Home

how to buy your first home

The Challenges First Time Home Buyer Face with Toronto Area Real Estate From saving the deposit to the mortgage approval and finding the right place, purchasing your first home can seem daunting. Real estate markets in the Greater Toronto Area rapidly increase and multiple offers are common. This competitive real estate market causes first-time buyers […]