Closing Costs


< 1 minute-read How much do you know about closing costs? We’re Ariel and Adrian of The Kormendy Trott Team and today were reviewing an oldie but a goodie – E03 Closing Costs! Ok, so let’s talk dollars and cents. There are five primary closing costs associated with buying a home.  For this example, let’s assume you’re buying […]



< 1 minute-read Do you live in a newer home? Feel like you need more privacy? With newer homes, you don’t get much privacy in the Backyard. Our tip for you … PLANT TREES! We’ve found that when most people move into a newer home, they tend to spend their time and efforts improving the inside rather than […]

August’s Home Maintenance Checklist


2 minute-read This is the August Home Maintenance Checklist – We’re about half-way through the summer, here’s some great tips to take advantage of! LAWN CARE The first thing to take care within the month of August is your lawn. With the excessive heat and dry weather, you may notice your grass turning brown. If this is […]