Staging Your Home for Success!

2 minute-read Welcome back to #KTQuickTips with The Kormendy Trott Team – Your favorite Milton Real Estate Agents! In Episode #22, we discussed a question that came in asking about staging. The question was: “I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit more about staging and whether or not I need to do it? […]

Finding The Perfect Tenant

2 minute-read Welcome back to #KTQuickTips with your favorite Milton Real Estate Agents at The Kormendy Trott Team! In episode #125, we gave some great tips on How to find the Perfect Tenant.  So today, we are calling ALL Landlords because this one is for YOU. Being a landlord and finding the right tenant can be a […]

October’s Home Checklist

2 minute-read October’s Checklist! Welcome back to #KTQuickTips with your favourite Milton Real Estate Agents – Where we give our tips and advice on buying and selling Real Estate. This is #KTQuickTip #86 and today we want to discuss your October Home Maintenance Check List! October might be the last month that you can get some work […]